Pilgrimage continued…..

Today, Monday 16/3-2015, I continued my pilgrimage from home towards Santiago de Compostela.

I can’t sleep, so I have to walk. Else I go crazy! I really don’t want to go, I’m too tired and I leave my love in Reims…

But I have to try. Although I usually don’t sleep better, during my walks, I feel better. The medication I use has now limited effect, although on high doses. So, while walking, I’ll try to reduce/stop the medication. The idea being, it might work again, in a “clean” body….

At home my life becomes more and more difficult. I should learn French. I want to improve my photography. I want to write a book or two. But I can’t. I’m too tired……

The paradox at home: the only thing I can is to sleep. And this I can’t! 

But walking is simple, so I walk…..